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We offer celebrants for Weddings, Memorial Ceremonies, House Blessings, Baby Naming Ceremonies, and Funerals, Pre/Post Legal Ceremonies, Vowel Renewal Ceremonies

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At Forever and Ever ...we specialise in ceremonies that cater perfectly to “Your Love Story” as a couple. It’s an honour to partner with you in framing your wedding ceremony with joy, fun and laughter. In that partnership, we love to bring depth and delight to the celebration of your commitment to each other in marriage.

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So, ultimately, our role is to work with you in creating a beautiful ceremony that is a celebration rather than a performance.... A celebration that is all about Love, Relationship, Family, Commitment and Life.


..... “Your Story, Your Way”



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As a way of reminiscing, honouring your loved one, and as a stepping stone to moving through the grief process, Memorial Ceremonies are a celebration of the life and all your Loved one represented to you. It may simply be a ceremony that replaces a funeral, or it may be a yearly commemorative celebration that requires a little facilitation, a special venue and atmosphere to reflect your loved ones life in a way that will enable you to move forward in the letting go process.

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It is usually a very private occasion held for those who were deeply touched by the loss of the one who has passed from this earthly life. It’s a time to of release to feel love, comfort, support, laughter peace and honour in the place where sadness has resided.



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More than a house warming, house blessings are a symbolic celebration that makes a statement of declaration that your house will be a HOME It’s a time of inviting friends,, to share the first steps of living in your home and establishing a way of life that is your own. In a sense, it is a cleansing and shifting out of the old, to be replaced by the new.

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It involves a gathering that includes a short ceremony making these declarations publicly, as a statement of standards you chose to have in your life and home. Standards you would have yourself, & others, respect and share whilst in your home. As your celebrant, I would assist you in this declaration. A house blessing would only take 10-15 minutes and would also come with a framed certificate to keep on hand, to remind you and others, of the standards set for your home.



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As a form of public “WELCOMING”, Baby Naming Ceremonies are a symbolic celebration of the beauty and joy of having your child come into the world. It is a statement of declaration that says you will love, delight in and take care of your child always. This ceremony also involves the proclamation of the meaning of your child’s name, along with insight into what the future may hold for them; as an individual and as a member of your family. It’s a time of inviting friends,, to share the first steps of your little ones life, and establishing a standard for their care, that is your own.

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It involves a gathering that includes a short ceremony, making these declarations publicly, as a statement of standards you choose to have in your child’s life. Standards you would have yourself, & others, respect and share whilst in your home and company. As your celebrant, I would assist you in these declarations and proclamations, which may include some symbolic actions and keepsakes as mementos. A Baby Naming Ceremony may take 20-30 minutes and will also come with a framed certificate that includes your baby’s name and meaning.



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When in grief, navigating and organising the journey of the funeral process requires assistance that will help you to make choices in co-ordinating a seamless and honouring ceremony. As your celebrant, my role is to firstly listen to your needs as a family, and discover the best way to weave and thread together a ceremony that is authentic to your loved one. There are 3 key aspects to establish in a funeral ceremony......and they are all underpinned by the healing factor of significance:


The significance of your loved one's life as an individual


The significance of your loss as your loved one's family


The significance of loss in your loved one's community

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Combining these principles together with the core values, by which I deliver all of my services, you will be supported in a sensitive, caring and inclusive manner. Together we shall design a beautiful funeral ceremony that allows “Your loved one’s story, to be..... a Celebration of Life”



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With many weddings taking place overseas and/or at a date that is not conducive to the full ceremony, often a complimentary legal ceremony needs to be held before or after the event. Pre- or post-Legal Ceremonies are straightforward, short ceremonies that simply include everything needed to make a marriage legal in Australia.

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It includes all document signing, all legal declarations & vows, and requires 2 witnesses. It can still be held at a special venue, and with guests, if so required. But generally it is a no fuss, simple but lovely affair. Please note that the normal one month “Notice of Intention to Marry” (NOIM) is still required


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As a way of moving forward in honour and celebration of a new season of your marriage, Vow Renewal Ceremonies have become very popular. It’s a ceremony that can be a celebration of a significant anniversary, or a way of establishing new patterns in your marriage relationship. During this ceremony you may wish to revisit your original vows. Or you may decide to write new ones, which will become the foundation for a standard of attitudes and behaviour in your marriage life together.

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There can be inclusive components to your ceremony using symbolic elements such as stones, sand, flowers plants art etc, Many couples also choose to include their children (or pets) in their ceremony.