My Core Values

Creating beautiful ceremonies that are framed by your own values and dreams.

My core values are Authenticity, Celebration, Freedom, Honour, Inclusion, Professionalism


As your celebrant, my role is to firstly listen to your dreams, values and ideas, then discover your own unique qualities, individually; and as a couple. With these insights, I set about to weave and thread all of those qualities together, so that your ceremony is authentic to you.


......“Your Story, Your Way”


It’s an honour to partner with you in bringing celebration to your event, whether it be a Wedding, Vow Renewal or Baby Naming Ceremony, House Blessing, Funeral or Memorial Ceremony.


Our aim is to Celebrate Life with joy, with sensitivity, with care and inclusion. Celebration is a way of communicating to your community that this time is a very significant part of your life, and always will be. It is a way of remembering something truly valuable, and will help define your future. It’s a way of celebrating you, in a framework of your choice.


We work towards your ceremony being a celebration rather than a performance.


It’s about celebrating Love, Relationship, Family, Commitment and Life. And celebrating with joy, fun, meaning and honour.


......“ Your Story, Your Way”

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Freedom to be you! Diversity, Inclusion and Flexibility in Design, Culture, Style



This is your day, you have the right to choose for your ceremony; the design concepts, who to include, venue, atmosphere and length of time. At our first meeting, I will listen to your ideas, needs and wants, in design and in style. I’ll also learn about any cultural/family needs and traditions you may have. From there, your ceremony framework will be tailored accordingly.


If you have no preconceived ideas, I can assist you by giving you a range of segments and mini ceremonies that can fit into your wedding ceremony. These pieces have already been written and designed by myself. If you choose to, you can select from this collection, to produce a celebration unique to you.


......“ Your Story, Your Way”


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Bar Mitzvahs

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Private Events

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Respect, Sensitivity, Compassion, Understanding , Giving preference to another...all part of the character of Honour. Being married is a partnership where taking care of each other is a priority..... it’s about having a heart of Honour ...

To do that you need to put each other first.., Honour is a key component in a relationship; Honour ....of each other, of those in your family, your community.


And it’s also an essential ingredient in putting together an amazing ceremony


. As your celebrant, my desire is to honour you as a couple, by drawing out...

......“Your Story, Your Way”


For your special day, there is no set ceremony format.....together we develop your own. . Your ceremony design will be your own little recipe. And you may include whomever you so desire..... (children, parents, friends, relatives, pets) and in whatever style you so require . It’s


.......“Your Story, Your Way”


There are many ways to include family and loved ones.

A ring ceremony, or similar kinds, for children in the wedding of a blended family are popular inclusions. So too, are “Sand celebrations”, "Rose Ceremony",“Stone Infusions”, “Candle Lighting Ceremonies”, and “Hand Ceremonies.” These are all symbolic acts to celebrate the union of the couple, and therefore the infusion of family and community. There are so many more segments and ceremonies from which you may select.


But inclusion is more than style and design. It also encompasses culture and diverse backgrounds that intertwine to create your own story. As your celebrant I am committed to developing understanding, sensitivity and application of those requirements,


......“Your Story, Your Way, Your Community”

A great marriage requires each partner to be Caring, Committed, Reliable and able to put the Other First.


So too, does a celebrant need to give you, as a gift, all those attributes, wrapped in a layer of creativity and confidence. That confidence should come in the form of a reassuring presence, allowing you to feel that you are in good hands. My role as your celebrant is to deliver that professionalism and make your day about you.

......“Your Story, Your Way”